Sunday’s inaugural Chinese Grand Prix showed some promising moments though John Bentley asks whether, beneath all the glitz and glamour, the new track is really a match for the more established circuits.

Shanghai certainly delivered an exciting grand prix, and the Chinese should be commended for the effort (and the capital) they have put in to make the event such a resounding success.

The track also offers overtaking opportunities, though the lack of moves at the sharp end of the field proves you still have to have a considerable advantage, car on car, to get by.

But can anybody really believe that this flat track, surrounded by grassy banks but dominated by steel, glass and chrome edifices, is a match for the likes of Spa, Monza, or even the Silverstone and the new Nurburgring?

So-called "stadium tracks" are all well and good, but the character tracks are what grand prix racing is about. It's time Bernie Ecclestone and his cohorts woke up to that. John Bentley

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