After 145km of the Nissan Dealer 400, round two of the Absa Off Road Championship, the unofficial positions are:

1. Hannes Grobler / Francois Jordaan (Nissan) Class F

2. Alfie Cox / Ralph Pitchford (Nissan) Class F

3. Atang Makgekgenene / Buks Carolin (Jimco) Class A

4. Terence Marsh / Michael Whitehouse (BAT Spec-1) Class A

5. Will Battershill / Reg Sutton (Jimco) Class A

6. Robert Wark / Gareth Wark (Chenowth) Class A

7. Manfred Schroder / Alec Harris (Ford) Class D

8. Mark Cronje / Chris Birkin (Toyota) Class D

9. Clint Gibson / Marcelle Trethewey (BAT) Class A

10. Evan Hutchison / Trevor Ormerod (BAT) Class B


Cliff and Louis Weichelt are fine after hitting a tree in the Bosal N1 4x4 Toyota Hilux.

Class E championship leaders Hugo and Jaap de Bruyn (Castrol Toyota Hilux) have retired with power steering problems.

Coetzee Labuschagne and Johan Gerber work through the night to repair the engine on their Raysonics Nissan Hardbody and were able to complete one lap before retiring with low oil pressure.

Shameer Variawa and VZ van Zyl (Total Porter) battled with power steering problems, a collapsed left rear CV and a seized brake caliper on lap one and decided to retire from the race.

Castrol Toyota crew Paolo Piazza-Musso and Ockie Fourie lost second gear on lap one and then first and fourth gear on lap two and were forced to retire their Toyota Hilux 2.7i.

Arnold du Plessis and Johan Knox retired on loop 1 with a broken drive shaft on the Class D BB Auto Nissan Hardbody.

The traffic jam at the mud hole, caused by Bevan Bertholdt and Nick Selamolela (Itec BAT) and their service crew who tried to tow them out of the quagmire, has been cleared.

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