The 2004 season has been a case of up and down for most of the Class B competitors in the Absa Off Road Championship, but none more so than the M2 Racing pairing of Marcus Taylor and Marc de Chalain. With the season delivering two DNF’s and other mediocre results, the team is finally back on track after winning their class in both of their last outings.

The Mafikeng 500 delivered an awesome result for the M2 Racing team, with a convincing win in class B. Given the high speed nature of the terrain in Mafikeng, the team did well to finish high up the order in amongst the Class A cars. The result is certainly in part thanks to the team not suffering any punctures in their Goodyear MTR’s. The M2 Racing JRE performed faultlessly with the team not getting out the vehicle at any stage.

With two consecutive class wins in the bag for M2 Racing, the upcoming Toyota Dealer 400 in Lydenburg is a further opportunity to extend their sizeable points lead over the rest of the Class B contenders.

Unfortunately the season's earlier disappointing results have made it all but impossible for Marcus to challenge Atang Makgekgenene for the Special Vehicle Drivers Championship, however on current form in the overall championship, Marcus is in a great position to finish the season second in the overall championship for the second time in three years.

However, with Marc de Chalain, currently 4th after having missed the season opener it is going to take some great results in the last two events to place him in the same position.

Going into the last two races of the season it is going to require a concerted effort from the other class B contenders to keep their chances of winning the coveted Class B National Championship alive. The M2 Racing pairing head to Lydenburg with a 34 point lead in the Class B Drivers Championship and a 14 point lead in the class B Co-Drivers Championship.

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