Round five, of the 2005 South African National Formula Vee Championship saw Jaco Schriks (JBS Lasersprint Rhema 2) become the fifth race winner of the year, when he claimed victory in the first heat. In the second heat, he led for a while but had to settle for second place behind his JBS Lasersprint teammate, Alan Holm.

Holm had claimed pole position, for both heats and led the field away, at the start of heat one but newcomer Niam Du Toit (Laser) went off the road and crashed at the first corner. The doctor’s car stopped to check if he was all right and by the end of the lap, the red flag was out and the race was stopped, as the doctors car was still out on the circuit. From the restart, it was once again Holm who took the lead, from Schriks, Andre Van Der Merwe (ACC Airconditioning Rhema 2) Symm Grobler (Auto Mecca Rhema 2), Chris Danks Stalcor Rhema 2), Jannie Geyser (Vision), Doug MacDonald (Rhema) and Laurent Calkoen (Vision).

It did not take Grobler too long, to pick of Van Der Merwe and he slipped through into third place, while Geyser and MacDonald where trading places a little further back. Then just before half distance, it was obvious that Holm had a problem. His clutch had started slipping and Schriks slipped through to take the lead. Holm then fell into the clutches of Grobler but as Grobler made his move, the two cars tangled on the main straight, opposite the pits, sending Grobler’s car flying off the road. He was fortunate enough not to hit anything and resumed. Van Der Merwe and then Danks, successfully picked off Holm, while Grobler also managing to get past, without further incident, before the end of the race.

The first heat victory went to Schriks, followed by Van Der Merwe, Danks, Grobler and Holm. Next up was Geyser, with Calkoen right on his tail and they where followed by Gareth Jackson (JBS Lasersprint Sting), Trevor Bland (AC DC Dynamics Rhema) and Romanie Smithdorf (Lantis). Shortly after half distance Doug MacDonald (Rhema) had picked up a problem with his motor, slipping back down the field, before pulling off to retire, He had however completed enough laps, to qualify as a finisher and claim the final championship point.

The second heat saw Schriks make the early running but then Holm slipped through to take the lead, leaving Schriks to fend off a determined Van Der Merwe, for the rest of the race. Danks did not last long and after a moment with Jannie Geyser at the first corner, which saw Danks leave the road and lose a few places, he fell back rapidly, before retiring with a broken cable to the battery. For a while Geyser held fifth place, before losing the position to Bland who had charged up through the field. The following lap, Geyser lost two more places, to Jackson and Calkoen. As everyone squabbled over the inside line, coming into the main straight, Jackson who had already passed Calkoen, went around the outside and had the better drive out of the corner, passing Geyser on the straight and taking Calkoen with him. A couple of laps later, Calkoen found his way back past Jackson who then spun and was forced to retired, when he could not get the car restarted. On the same lap, Calkoen had found a way past Bland who then lost another position, on the final lap, as Geyser found a way past as well.

This time there where no mechanical problems, to delay Holm and he hung on to take the second heat victory, by just over a second, from Schriks who had Van Der Merwe, finish 0,358 of a second behind him. Next up was Grobler and he was followed home, by Calkoen, Geyser, Bland, Bennett and Smithdorf. Not running but having completed enough laps to qualify as finishers and claim the final championship points, where Jackson, Du Toit and Doug MacDonald, driving his brother John’s car in the second heat.

Although he had to settle for second place, Schriks had the consolation of setting the fastest lap of the race and a new Formula Vee lap record, for the Aldo Scribante circuit, with a time of 1 minute 07,876 seconds.

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