In 2007, Daihatsu Indonesia initiated the new Daihatsu Gran Max which is based on the most up-to- date Hijet, a semicab with front wheels located forward of the door. They are both wider and longer than the kei car based Hijet. It reinstated the preceding Daihatsu Zebra of the same dimension. The Gran Max is accessible in minivan and pick-up bodystyles and since February 2008 it is imported to Japan where it is sold as the Toyota LiteAce.

The Gran Max is powered by a 1.5 L Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) engine 4-cylinder 16- valve with a maximum power of 71kW at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 134Nm at 4,400 rpm. The DVVT is a system that accomplished mutually elevated output and competent driving by optimally managing the opening/closing moment of the intake and exhaust valves. The fuel utilization of the Gran Max engine is 7.5 L per 100 km.

The drum brake system of the Gran Max in the front is a 13-inch air out disc brakes and drum brakes, leading and trailing in the rear. The Suspension in the front is a Macpherson struts with coil springs and in the rear, a 5 ply leaf springs. The gas reservoir capability is 43L and the steering is Rack and Pinion. The Daihatsu has a transmission of 5-speed forward manual with synchromesh. The largely measurement lengthwise of the Gran Max is 4,195mm with a wheelbase of 2,650 mm. The overhang front is 585 mm and in the back, it is 960 mm. The load deck is 2350 mm long and 1585 mm wide while the minimum turning circle (wall to wall) is 10.0 m.

The Gran Max is exclusively designed to amplify the shipment region and capability to labour and can take full ton. The Daihatsu has better-quality loading and unloading simplicity which is guaranteed by the low load deck floor pinnacle and side flaps and back entrance that open on all three sides. The loading height is stumpy enough not tension your back when loading even heavy articles.

A double-side configuration has been implemented for the casing to augment potency and attain high toughness to sustain genuine loading and procedure circumstances. From its swift performance, stretched junction sphere, to the collision absorbing bumpers, the Gran Max is designed to optimize effectiveness in the urban. The pick-up is a two door bodystyles with a wheel of 13"inch.

The Gran Max interior is roomy. A smooth compartment base, gearlever on the control panel and elevated top stature all donate to the sense of space and the capacity is a seat 3 people across. The Daihatsu has an air conditioning system, dual screen and a large windscreen to get better visibility and protection. The improved door opening is due to the vertical facade column and extensive opening approach. This means no hiking, bending or crouching.

The Gran Max is equipped with crumple zones in the front and dual side impact bars in the doors and collapsible steering column for front impacts. To minimize accidents and increase safety, Daihatsu has outfitted the Gran Max with Anti-Lock Braking System and to reduce casualties, dual airbags are mounted inside the pick-up.

You shall bear in mind that Daihatsu has won the total economy run 6 times in South Africa. The most dependable mechanism, with high-quality parts pricing, great significance that gives your production opportunity to be cost-effective is the Daihatsu Gran Max.

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